septum was set up in Barcelona in 2005 as a company specialising in massage and manual therapy services.

Boosted by an innovative style of management and led by a team of health expert consultants,septum quickly became the leading “health consultancy” in the sector, offering a wellness outsourcing service to hotels and hotel chains, working as an autonomous unit within the actual hotel.

Today, septum boasts a multi-functional and professional team made up of all the necessary areas to implement and subsequently manage the outsourced wellness service fully.

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septum spain


 At septum we work closely with our customers, to be able to detect what they might need and their interests and thereby offer them custom-built solutions to match their requirements. Using prior analysis, working closely with the customer, we can guarantee effective service within the hotel and an increase in its profitability.


Only with a preliminary analysis, working “closely” with the customer, we can ensure effective management of the service within the hotel and increased profitability.

septum spain

Work areas
  • Prior Analysis
    Know our client

    Because each establishment’s features make it unique, we run prior analysis to determine each customer’s needs and interests.

  • Implementation proposal
    Two directions

    We provide solutions that generate a positive impact in two ways:
    – Creating a new external management model that guarantees optimising business results.
    – Searching for excellence in the service provided for the end customer.

  • Setting up teams
    Health experts

    We set up a team of health experts to match each customer’s needs (work system, image, values, etc.) and we guide how it is managed to meet high quality requirements with optimum efficiency.

  • Managing the service
    Increasing the volume of business

    Dedication, enthusiasm and efficacy are key factors for implementing service management. We aim to increase the hotel’s business volume and guarantee customer satisfaction.

septum spain

Advantages for our customers

GREATER HOTEL PROFITABILITY: When you subcontract SEPTUM – company specialising in health and leading the wellness outsourcing sector – you provide an autonomous and professional health service for the hotel, so you can save on service implementation and management costs.


GREATER CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: The experience and values provided by the SEPTUM professional team, targeting top quality service, guarantee improved hotel guest satisfaction and consequent positive repercussions on social networks.


Address: Passeig de Gràcia 118 pral. 08008 Barcelona
Telephone: 900 246 246
Send us a e-mail: info@septumspain.com